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What is Code Crawler?

first post: asaf2b wrote: I am looking for a tool that scans Java and .NET source code to fin...

Error running Code Crawler

first post: kavalec wrote: "Source code file has been deleted while Code Crawler was running"....

latest post: adamtuliper wrote: Same issue here as well

Unable to use owasp code crawler -error

first post: m_janu wrote: Hi,I downloaded code crawler version2.5 and 2.7. I have also instal...

latest post: ntze wrote: You have to download .NET Framework 3.5 it's on the requirements list

Support for VB.NET

first post: dhavalcharadva wrote: Hi!When can we get support for VB code/solution ?.I am really to ch...

latest post: dhavalcharadva wrote: Hi !Really thanks for considering my request.Dhaval.

WASP installation.

first post: syedjaveed wrote: I am new to powershell and WASP. I try to run install.ps1 from WASP...

latest post: syedjaveed wrote: Its working now. Imported module using command line. thanks anywayss..

Feature request: ability to turn off marked line

first post: ekse wrote: Hi,I haven't played much with Code Crawler yet but it looks interes...

latest post: ntze wrote: Hi Sébastien,This is a fairly easy feature to implement. I m...

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